The Crossroads of Democracy: The 2024 US Presidential Election with Lynn Vavreck

  Amerikanische Aktivitäten der Anderen (AAA)

18:00 Uhr


As part of our virtual event series "Road to Election 2024", we will welcome UCLA political scientist Lynn Vavreck on February 29, 2024. Vavreck, a widely known analyst of American politics, is a contributing columnist for the New York Times and co-author of several critically acclaimed books on the last three election cycles. She also helped to develop and manage Nationscape, a large-scale political survey that produces more 6000 new voter-interviews every week. Together with Academy President Daniel Benjamin she will address several questions, including: Do American voters think Joe Biden is too old — and might they not vote for him, as a result? And despite seemingly cruising to the Republican nomination, is Donald Trump actually showing weakness within his own party? Are minorities drifting away from Biden? Will the upcoming trials weaken Trump’s support? This virtual event will be organized by Road to Election partner American Academy Berlin.


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