Nonprofit & NGO Management Lecture Session 3



Part 3 of Four Virtual Lectures on Nonprofit/NGO Management at Trier UAS | Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

Organized by: 

DAI Saarland & Trier University of Applied Sciences | Environmental Campus Birkenfeld 


The Transatlantic Non-Profit Organizations Initiative

This is a project which is intended to familiarize the general public and students interested in non-profit management, whether as volunteers or as a career, with the various strands and opportunities of the broad field of non-profit work and social entrepreneurship. 

Four lectures will take place at the ouset of the project to be followed by individual regional activities of the German-American Institute Saarland, Amerikazentrum Hamburg and the German-American Institute Sachsen at Leipzig. These activities will soon be published here and on a website specially created for the project.

The lecture series will raise awareness of opportunities in the nonprofit sector and its possible contributions to a more sustainable economy. In addition, the lecture will provide both key fundamentals of non-profit management and best practices in the field which NGO/NPO professionals could reflect upon with a view of improved nonprofit management in a European context. This entails the opportunity to address potential students of NPO Management. The audience is university students and some practicing NGO professionals, our teaching and research faculty in the area of NGO management as well as some participants from the general informed public. We expect participants from Germany and the Greater Region (Luxembourg and the French Grand Est region).

Content: 3. Strategic management 

Meeting-ID: 991 8448 4122

Kenncode: 201451


Guest Lecturer: Prof. R. Eric Staley, Ph.D., 

Professor of Practice and Senior Fellow, Harry S Truman School of Public Affairs, 

Affiliated Faculty, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA 

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