Origin Story: The Indigenous Comic Con!


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Teil der Reihe Indigene Nationen Nordamerikas: Perspektiven und Einblicke

In the late winter of 2016, Dr. Lee Francis traveled to Australia. While there, he began to formulate the plan that would become the Indigenous Comic Con, the world's first Indigenous Nerd-Culture celebration. Over the next three years, the festival would continue to grow until the pandemic abruptly pulled the plug. But after a long slumber, the convention is set to return in 2023. This talk will highlight how the convention formed from the ideas of Native and Indigenous people who wanted to have their own space and place to “nerd out.” Dr. Francis will discuss how Indigenous identity shaped the focus of the convention and how aspects of the programming expanded over the years. The talk will also discuss the importance of representation and more importantly, relationship, in media and pop culture. 

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Dr. Lee Francis 4 is the Executive Director of Native Realities, an Indigenous Imagination Company, dedicated to unleashing the Indigenous imagination through popular culture, including comic books, graphic novels, games, toys, and collectibles. Through Native Realities, Dr. Francis also founded the Indigenous Comic Con in 2016 and opened Red Planet Books and Comics, the only Native comic shop in the world, in 2017, which now serves as the headquarters and distribution center for Native and Indigenous books and other media. He is also the Founder of IndigPop X (formerly the Indigenous Comic Con), the world’s only Indigenous pop culture convention.

In 2014, he received his Ph.D. in Education from Texas State University with a focus on Indigenous education systems and Indigenous leadership.  He has been published in several peer-reviewed, academic journals over the past decade and his work on Natives in pop culture is highly regarded by universities throughout the United States.


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