Lederhosen, Bratwurst, Cowboystiefel, Big Mac?

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Teil der Reihe Deutsch als Fremdsprache: Insider's Insights


Wie erleben junge Teilnehmende auf beiden Seiten des Atlantiks ihren Auslandsaufenthalt? Zwei kurze Impulsvorträge, gefolgt von einer offenen Diskussion. Beiträge und Diskussionen sind in Deutsch und Englisch willkommen.

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Kenncode: U4vmANw8

Moderation: Jenny Pomino, Carl Duisberg Centren


Elise Alexander is originally from Denver, Colorado. She graduated from Harvard College in 2019 with a degree in Sociology and Education Studies. Afterward, she worked as an analyst at the Louisiana Department of Education, where she focused on state education policy for students with disabilities. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and camping, singing in choirs, and learning about politics. She came to Germany in August 2021 where she first joined an intensive German course. Elise currently lives in Erfurt and stays in a dorm with other German students. She is a visiting student at Universität Erfurt and takes courses in political science, education research and German. From February, Elise will pursue an internship in international education or public policy.

Julia Fischer is originally from a small town in Thuringia, the green heart of Germany. She did a training as Multilingual Management Assistant in 2020 and graduated from University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in 2021 with a degree in International Business Communication with French. With work experience in social media marketing and activity coordination, she gathered useful knowledge about different international work environments already, including Ireland and France. As hobbies, she enjoys ice skating, going to concerts and learning about new languages and cultures. In August 2021, she came to the US and started studying as a visiting student at West Liberty University, West Virginia for the fall semester. Julia takes courses in consumer behavior, international relations and Spanish intermediate. For the second half of her year, she will be pursuing an internship in marketing/ public relations or business administration.

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