Erfolg in Serie: Supernatural

Erfolg in Serie: Supernatural


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Premiering with little fanfare on the American WB (later CW) Network in 2005, Supernatural has defied its critics and all the odds and is about to enter its 15th and final season. Such longevity is a remarkable achievement for any TV show, but especially one that lies mainly within the horror genre, and on what is primarily a family-friendly network, which means the series has access to none of the kind of boundary-crossing visuals of the likes of The Walking Dead or
True Blood
The series tells the story of Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers raised (just about) by their largely absent father, John, to hunt monsters. Over the course of its fifteen-year run Supernatural has proved itself to be a genuine TV pioneer, producing ground-breaking comedy episodes such as season 14's 'Scoobynatural' and Season 6's near-legendary 'The French Mistake.' Most significantly, Supernatural expanded upon its focus upon demons in its early seasons to embrace a world which included angels, archangels, Lucifer and even God, presenting a remarkably sophisticated and challenging representation of heaven and hell and punching far above its weight in addressing issues of faith and theology, presenting God himself as a deadbeat dad, Lucifer and the King of Hell, Crowley, as conflicted and sympathetic, and angels of the Lord primarily as selfish, narcissistic psychopaths.
It is on this extraordinary representation of religion that this session will focus, but when all is said and done Supernatural's prime appeal, and its central focus, is on family. Sam, Dean, their mother Mary, their father John, and their surrogate father Bobby, are an-ultra modern, twisted take on the American nuclear family, for after all, you can't have Supernatural without the Winchesters. So join us for a journey in a fast car down the two-lane backroads of America, looking for monsters. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll shudder. And maybe sing along to the killer soundtrack too.


Erfolg in Serie geht bereits in die siebte Staffel!

Auch dieses Jahr haben wir wieder ein interessantes und abwechslungsreiches Programm zusammengestellt. In sechs Folgen wird jeweils eine amerikanische Serie inklusive Filmbeispielen vorgestellt und anschließend diskutiert.

Ort: Kino 8 1/2


Das Programm von Staffel VII:

22.10.2019  –  Simon Brown (Kingston University London): Supernatural

29.10.2019  –  Heike Mißler (UdS): Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

12.11.2019  –  Eugen Kontschenko (UdS): Stranger Things

19.11.2019  –  Danielle Kopf-Giammanco (UdS): The Case Against Adnan Syed

26.11.2019  –  Latifah Cengel (UdS): Seven Seconds

03.12.2019  –  Svetlana Seibel (UdS): Outlander


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Simon Brown, Kingston University London


Prof. Simon Brown is Associate Professor of Film and Television at Kingston University and has written widely on various aspects of Film and TV history including early British cinema, colour cinematography, and contemporary American genre TV. A lifelong Stephen King fan and Constant Reader, he is the author of Screening Stephen King: Adaptation and the Horror Genre in Film and Television, published by the University of Texas Press in 2018 and Creepshow for the Devil's Advocate series of books on individual contemporary horror films (2019)".




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