Erfolg in Serie III: "Masters of Sex"

Erfolg in Serie III: "Masters of Sex"






The TV show Masters of Sex, inspired by the research of human sexuality pioneered by Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson in 1957 St. Louis, puts front and center questions of gender and power. Informed by the history of nostalgic representations of the time period, the show strikes a delicate balance between evoking a wistful portrayal of a bygone era and committing to a stark criticism of a period characterized by sexual repression and hypocrisy. In terms of gender dynamics, in addition to showcasing strong female characters with modern views on gender roles and sexuality, Masters of Sex's exploration of its protagonist’s masculinity is most striking. The show engages the source of Dr. Masters’s troubled sense of masculinity by unpacking the complex relationship with his late father, his unhappy childhood, and the way this has affected every aspect of his adult life. The series also chooses to explore complex characters and relationships that are often ignored or super?cially represented in popular culture, like complicated female friendships or the struggle of a middle-aged closeted homosexual who decides to undergo electroshock therapy. Overall, Masters of Sex thrives on the complexity that the contemporary point of view on the representation of the past allows and offers a nuanced and ambivalent depiction of 1950s America. (Vortrag findet auf Englisch statt)

In Kooperation mit dem Lehrstuhl für Nordamerikanische Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft der Universität des Saarlandes, der Volkshochschule Saarbrücken und der Filmfreunde Saar

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