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Unsere amerikanische „Volunteer“ Kaili Morris bietet drei Termine an, zu denen sich junge Englischlernende mit mindestens drei Jahren Englischunterricht anmelden können. Sie werden mit Kaili auf Englisch diskutieren können und neues über die USA lernen.

Die Termine sind auf 6 Schüler*innen begrenzt, die Teilnahme ist frei – also schnell anmelden!

Hier anmelden: bost(at)dai-sbr.de

Termine: 8. April, 22. April, 6. Mai


Week one:

Who are we? Compare and contrast German and American culture. 

This week we will talk about some of the biggest pieces of American and German culture. 

We will define what "culture" is, and find examples of what each country has in common and what pieces of our cultures are very different. 

Examples include food, music, neighborhoods, school, holidays ect. We will talk about our favorite things, preferences, likes and dislikes.

Week two:

Let's travel: a visitor‘s guide to the USA. 

This week we will speak about famous places in America people like to visit. Where to American's go on vacation? What about people from other countries?

We will dive into big cities, beach towns, and major attractions. We will speak about personal travel experiences and places we hope to visit in the future. 

Week three: 

America the Beautiful: What is a national park and what can you find there? 

This week we will take a tour of the American National Parks system: how it was created and what it does today. We will talk about landscapes, animals, outdoor activities, and giving directions and descriptions. 



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